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22 2017-01
Bideposit accept all ecurrency worlwide.

In order to make Bideposit world wide and welcome invetors all around the wordl, and finally Bideposit has been successfully lauched all the ecurrency And from today whether you want to deposit by Bitcoin or Perfectmoney, you can all enjoy instant payment and convinient withdrawasl service!

13 2016-06
Bitcoin Deposit Reward! Benefit+100%!

Bitcoin market dealing has an important part in our business filed, therefore since the Bitcoin is growing hotter and hotter, BiDeposit.com decide to reward Bitcoin deposit investors! From today! all the investors that deposit Bitcoin can receive 100% deposit amount besides the benefit! Reward After one day! If 500$ deposit, you can get your 1200% benefit and other 500$ ! Grad your fund!

02 2016-06
Bideposit update issue!

Dear investors,
BiDeposit.com host updated today! Now you can login and operate as normal!
Sorry for unconvinience! But the fund is totally safe in BiDeposit.com. Our system is more stable now!

30 2016-04
BiDeposit login issue!

From some host problem there are some login failed for some investors.
Now we have resume back and all is working normal!
You can make deposit & withdraw instantly just like we alway doing it!
Please contact our support if you have any further questions.

04 2016-04
"Can't Login" issues

Dear investors,
You need to reset your password today! BiDeposit.com all password is change for host updated! So You can click forget password to reset it and if it don't work you can contact our support to reset a new one.
Sorry for unconvinience! But the fund is totally safe in BiDeposit.com. Our system is more stable now!

21 2016-03
Sincerely welcome all the Bitcoin investors!

Since the Bitcoin market is open, the price of Bitcoin has never been stable. Yet its value has never stopped growing. BiDeposit mainly works on the Bitcoin market, therefore we are really thankful for those Bitcoin investors for you provide convinience for our work. Therefore we decide to add 30$ bonus for all the Bitcoin investors and more for loyal investors! Until 26th March.

14 2016-03
BiDeposit is online today!

After months of preparation, we are glad to say BiDeposit.com comes today!|Sincerely welcome everyone! BiDeposit.com is officially open to the public today! Although we have done a lot of tests, if there is any error or problem, please connect to us immediately! Welcome to our site! Try to read through all of information and understand us. We are here to help you get on the road of freedom all the time!